The Players

Dave Kopperman: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Rhodes, Moog, Percussion
Edz O’Leary: Drums, Backing Vocals
Noah Baerman: Hammond Organ, Moog, Piano, Backing Vocals


Sean Scorsone: Drums
Ansley Lancourt: Guitar
Mel Hsu: Cello,  String Arrangements, Backing Vocals
Keith Gibson: Guitar
Shaun Johnsen: Guitar
Kate Ten Eyck: Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Johanna McKeon: Backing Vocals
Garth Taylor: Backing Vocals
Yesenia Kopperman: Backing Vocals
Rebecca Koval: Backing Vocals

Techie Stuff

Recorded by PCMA Mobile
Produced, engineered and mixed by Dave Kopperman
Additional engineering by Karl Tsakos
Additional recording and mastering by Ryan Ball at Gearbox Recording
Cover art by Kate Ten Eyck